Tuesday, 19 July 2016

The Drones at the Bakehouse Studios 25th Birthday Party

The Drones - Taman Shud @ Bakehouse Studios (16th July 2016) from Carbie Warbie on Vimeo.

A huge congratulations to Helen and Quincy and all of the Bakehouse Studios team for 25 years of music in the business! I was honoured to help celebrate on Saturday night. There was so much good music going on, the Meanies, Die Rotten Punkte, the Sugar-Fed Leopards, Will and Garret Huxley, Adalita etc. I couldn't fit it all in and had to run off home before midnight. Like Cinderella in a brown woollen catsuit, leather jacket and both high heeled boots still on! Most excitingly though I got to see the Drones and they were epic. All the more satisfying because bad ass bare foot bassist Fiona was wearing one of my Edgeley School jumpers and a Heart Bustle skirt. The deadly Harmony girls were all wearing Edgeley dresses, Gun Shy Fur and Preston Zly shoes.

Phew what a coup!

Thank you Fiona, Quinn, Amanda, Erica and Dana for the beautiful make up XXX AE

Bakehouse Studios http://bakehousestudios.com.au/

The Drones http://www.thedrones.com.au/

Bleeding Heart Dress- http://www.edgeley.com.au/bleeding-heart-dress-151.html

Grand High Witch Dress http://www.edgeley.com.au/grand-high-witch-dress-142.html

Heart Bustle Skirt http://www.edgeley.com.au/heart-bustle-skirt-153.html

Gun Shy Faux Fur Design http://www.gunshy.com.au/

Doodad & Fandango http://www.doodadandfandango.com/

Preston Zly shoes http://prestonzly.com/

Dana Leviston make up http://www.dana-leviston.com/

Wednesday, 22 June 2016

"Johnny" the new song and video by Tanzer

Brain child of my dear friend Tanzer aka Hayley Foster. I listened to her wild and ambitious plans for this film for months and I still can't believe how brilliantly it worked out! Hayley directed this, starred in it, organised the whole thing. Please keep an eye on the drag queens and the bad boy gang, they are the same people! Its so, so clever. The drag queens are wearing Edgeley Silhouette dresses. WLG and I make a brief appearance, even Rupert our poodle gets a role!

Congratulations Tanzer! XXX

You can follow Tanzer HERE 

Buy this song, oh and it comes in a RED GLITTER HEART SHAPED vinyl too!

Wednesday, 7 October 2015

Vanity Fair by Clairy Browne

When Clairy called me up to ask if I wanted to be involved with the making of her first solo single I was reeeeeeeeeeally excited. I love Clairy's musical work and her aesthetic is ultra femme. Brooklyn Queenz (my bb girls) feature and Faux Riche did the styling, pulling clothes from heaps of Melbourne's coolest independent designers (Idol, Gun Shy, Tusler, Shio). I made Clairy a fluoro pink velvet wiggle skirt with a bum appreciation cut-out. Faux Riche bedazzled a g-string to go with it. Gahhhhd it's such a brilliant video and the song is one of my favourite morning kick-ass tunes.

Monday, 1 December 2014

1800-Fabulous Christmas Ting

We're holding our annual Christmas Ting, come buy presents for yourself, or for others.



Launch of 'OVERBOARD' fashion film by May Tusler

DJs Brooklyn Queenz

Tuesday, 21 October 2014

Twincest- 'I Got One'

How did I not post this before?!?! Outrageous!
See here Twincest AKA Laura Noir and Hayley Foster, AKA Tasty Lopez and Tanzer, singing their single "I Got One"
Catch the Edgeley Silhouette Catsuits I crafted for these beauties at 2.20 mins.
I love these ladies, so damn fine!

Tanzer - 'That's Why Darling'

Meet Tanzer, this is her new single, first single, ah it's so lust and immense. I am such a sucker for glamour and extravagance and Tanzer has all that and more. Come to the Workers Club this friday night 24th October for the launch.

Read more about the influence behind this video and who will be making her outfit for the night ;)

Previous posts about Tanzer




Thursday, 2 October 2014

IDOL by Daniel Cumbo

IDOL - Daniel Cumbo from FRED HATES FASHION on Vimeo.

IDOL by Daniel Cumbo the absolute darling and extremely clever, talented designer who was also involved in the Fred Hates Fashion event. This is his film. I love it, and the music too, it's stuck in my head.

Monday, 29 September 2014


SHOW STOPPER ~ Melbourne Fringe.
Went to see this on Friday night.
It made me scream my lungs out.
Hot boys, high heels, what more could you want?

Tuesday, 23 September 2014

1800-FABULOUS the mixtape

I made a mixtape of all the music that influenced my latest collection, which I have optimistically named 1800-FABULOUS.
Listen to it here tape.ly/1800-fabulous
Photo by Hinny Tran, models Zelia Rose and Charlotte Webb
Edgeley X Tusler will be available soon! 

Saturday, 6 September 2014

I WOKE UP LIKE THIS - Edgeley X Tusler


Finally our film has landed!!!!!!!!!!
Thank you to everyone involved, what a feat.

Starring Charlotte Webb & Zelia Rose

Directed by May Tusler

Producer Dani Boudville
Cinematography Simon Walsh
1st Assistant Camera - Jensen Cope
Art Director - Rennie Watson

Designers Alice Edgeley & Hanna Tusler

Jewellery William L Griffiths Metal Couture
Shoes Preston Zly

Makeup Liz Sharp, Joel Gionis, Taryn Gionis
Hair Steffi Tanian
Assistant Danni Brookes
Grip Dave Silvester
Photographer Hinny Tran
Graphics Kelly Walsh
Colour Grade Marden Dean

Music Congo Tardis #1 - Sweet Lime (FT Marawa the Amazing) - [Scattermusic] buy HERE or available via www.scattermusic.net

Note* the book Minty reads is Fashion Miscellany by Amber Butchart

The Edgeley collection will be available instore at the end of Sept. though you can come in and pre-order /view the samples anytime. The Tusler bag and belt collection is in store now. Each item is either a one off colour or limited so get in quick.